Grey Wolfe celebrates the new year with its inauguration as a Private Members Wellness Club, launched on January 1st 2024.  

Nestled in the picturesque village of Barnes, West London, luxury wellness space Grey Wolfe fuses the worlds of hi-tech science with hi-touch care to deliver a range of 360 treatments for private members and their guests.

Each visit offers exclusive use of the space for a member plus one guest to enjoy the luxury of undisturbed time. As the stressors of everyday melt away, stillness is embraced and healing of body, mind and soul begins.

Expert resident therapists are on hand to curate bespoke treatment programmes, based on how a member feels and what they would like to achieve that day. By pushing the boundaries of traditional wellbeing recovery to new levels, members choose the path towards reigniting their inner light.

Each membership begins with epigenetic data gathered as part of a state-of-the-art Wellness Mapping programme. Grey Wolfe uncovers what makes their members tick via their DNA and, with the results, form a 90-day nutrition and wellbeing report to help them live a longer, healthier life and avoid the onset of age-related or lifestyle diseases.

Offering a unique range of individual BioTechnology treatments, exclusively Attuned Massages and 4 hour bespoke Attuned Recharge packages, Grey Wolfe works to improve the key markers of mental and physical health, as well as biological age. For members who want to feel and look their best as well as improve everyday performance.

The path to wellbeing

Grey Wolfe founder, Sarah Jones St John, is excited about the evolution of the club, “I’m thrilled about the next steps as Grey Wolfe continues to grow and evolve.  I believe the future of wellness is connected and customised, and should be designed to deliver a meaningful experience. It’s all about ‘journeys’ rather than individual treatments. I’ve been working on bringing everything together, from functional medicine and diagnostics, to traditional wellness, complementary medicine, fitness and serious meditation. Wellness should always be about curation and personalisation, rather than a simple transaction, and Grey Wolfe membership drives change from the inside, delivering and supporting authentic wellbeing and immersive experiences that take lifestyles, life stages and individuality into account.”

Grey Wolfe is thoughtfully designed from top to toe. Members step into a space led by a calming minimal aesthetic with warm lighting and and a sleek, luxurious finish. A warm natural palette of wood and stone creates an atmosphere of harmony and provides a nourishing effect on biological and neurological markers, reducing stress levels and lifting fatigue to enable deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


Grey Wolfe BioTechnology is precisely researched, backed by credible science and authentically curated to deliver the ultimate recharge. Available treatments include:

Rebalance Impulse - a revolutionary non-invasive mental wellness and neuro-relaxation machine offering a bespoke combination of chromotherapy, breath work, inspirational mental

  • imagery, mindfulness training, sound therapy and neuro-meditation exercises to fight stress, improve sleep, refine concentration, increase recovery and strengthen the immune system.
  • Infra Red Sauna - uses a gentle, more effective heat to penetrate the body on a cellular level and increases blood flow resulting in deep detoxification, relaxation and healing for an inner radiance.
  • BioCharger- blends the powers of science and spiritual wellness to bathe the entire body, from brain matter to bone marrow, in rich electromagnetic energy, working to harmonise and heal body and mind. Using the latest and most advanced energy-based technology available, the electromagnetic field reintroduces the optimum resonate frequency to each and every cell.
  • Lymphatic Boots - hi-tech compression air boots aid muscle recovery, eliminate toxins, improve circulation and reduce recovery time by maximising blood circulation and enhancing lymphatic drainage.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Pod – a potent and powerful wellness and health enhancement to promote healing, aid injury recovery time and improve symptoms of acute and chronic health conditions. Increased oxygen intake enhances immune function, reduces inflammation and swelling, and regenerates bone, tissue, cartilage and collagen.

  • LED Facial Therapy- a hi-tech, non-invasive facial treatment using different light frequency wavelengths to penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin, helping to reduce acne, inflammation and swelling, and stimulate collagen for  a smooth boosted glow.

In harmony with a hi-tech approach, Grey Wolfe harnesses the power of hi-touch. Using the spiritual energy of physical touch, each treatment is Attuned and delivered based on how members feel on the day. Hi-touch treatments take place on a luxury Quartz Bed or a potent anti-inflammatory Amethyst BioMat. Quartz Bed helps relax and cleanse the body, providing individuals with more energy, peace of mind and promotes healing by aiding physical and mental alignment. The Amethyst BioMat helps to relieve minor muscle pain, joint pain and stiffness, relaxes the muscles and increases blood circulation.

Hi-touch Attuned Treatments include:

  • Swedish Masssage- A deeply relaxing massage, using long strokes with moderate pressure, incorporating stretching and a range of motion techniques to eliminate toxins and ease muscle tension for an increased range of mobility and more fluid movements.
  • Deep Tissue Massage- Tailor-made to target specific areas of muscle tension and soreness, a series of intensive techniques are used to increase circulation, release built-up toxins, and heal and restore balance to the body and nervous system. Luxurious naturally-scented oils enhance the experience.
  • Pregnancy Massage- For extra energy during a special time helping to alleviate tension, heaviness and swelling. Using light, relaxing and long strokes to aid circulation and designed for comfort, this full body, advanced massage is individually tailored. Combining Eastern and Western techniques, including very gentle stretching and nurturing strokes to promote deep relaxation.
  • Hot Stone Massage- A Tibetan full body and face massage technique using Basalt stones to instil a deep level of calm while relaxing tight muscles, removing blockages and eliminating stress. Allowing intense muscle relaxation – it can also provide relief from tension, pain, stress, and anxiety – to promote good sleep and boost immunity.
  • Reflexology- Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment which stimulates specific reflex points on the feet through gentle massage. Each of these points represents a map of the body including internal organs. A whole-body immersive experience, tension is released and minor ailments relieved to help eliminate toxins and impurities. Using a fusion of massage techniques and reflex points on the meridian lines of the legs and zones of the feet to restore balalnce.
  • Aromatherapy- A soothing and aromatic bespoke treatment using light to moderate pressure and a blend of essential oils to melt away tension. This harmonizing experience is a simple and effective way to let go of tensions, improve health, balance emotions, and increase calmness and relaxation leading to a better state of wellbeing.

NottNuit Facial- The healing power of 528Hz frequency, also known as the ‘love frequency’, assists DNA repair and increases energy and clarity of mind, awareness and inner peace. Using clean multi-tasking hero formulas in combination with a vibrational tuning fork and face cupping, Grey Wolfe’s signature face massage soothes the nervous system, stimulates circulation and tightens and tones skin.

  • Reiki Healing- Based on the idea that life force energy flows through the body, ‘reiki’ translates as universal healing. A technique to reduce stress and enhance the body’s healing power by restoring energy balance, reiki can help with pain management and promote relaxation. The emotional health benefits include better sleep, improved mood and a calmer state of mind.

Poultice Quartz Massage- Harnessing the dynamic energy of crystals to stabilise emotional and physical equilibrium, this signature massage delivers proven anti-inflammatory relief from chronic pain, blalnces the entire body and aids deep relaxation for a tranquil and restorative experience.

Attuned Recharge

Grey Wolfe’s signature treatment, Attuned Recharge, is the ultimate wellbeing experience blending hi-tech science and hi-touch care into a unique set of treatments. Combining Rebalance Impulse Bed, Infra Red Sauna, BioCharger, Lymphati Boots and Oxygen Pod with an ATTUNED massage for the ultimate recharge. Membera are invited to go beyond their boundaries to rebalance, stimulate, refuel, activate and recharge body and mind in a serene space under the specialist guidance of expert resident therapists.

Wellness Mapping

Grey Wolfe’s exclusive Wellness Mapping service is incorporated into every membership. Using a few strands of hair, an abundance of epigenetic information from food intake to sleep patterns, exercise, supplements and lifestyle choices, provides the exact blueprint for member’s individual health markers. The results go on to form the foundation for a 90-day nutrition and wellbeing report which is

woven into a programme of gradual improvements.

Membership Packages

Monthly members enjoy a luxury welcome box, a quarterly wellness mapping kit, a 1:1 wellness check-up, 1 x Attuned Recharge Treatment, unlimited BioTech treatments, online wellbeing classes and exclusive use of the Grey Wolfe space, along with 1 x guest per visit. Guests can book additional treatments from the menu at an additional cost.

Annual members receive all the above plus a quarterly luxury wellness box.

The Foundation

Grey Wolfe has created a charitable foundation, investing a percentage of every membership into causes such as supporting educational needs and the health and wellbeing of communities in places like Tanzania and Grenada.